What to look out for in this interview:

4:00    How bogus priorities are making you exhausted and broke
How do you find your bogus priorities
14:00  If you have any lack with money this is for you
20:00  Why trying to overcome backfires
25:00  How anxiety is transferred so easily
27:50  Mind-blowing – we can have an energetic addiction!
29:10  How to get out of energetic addictions

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About the Speaker

Cory Michelle is an intuitive and energetic guide for brilliant, conscious-minded and wicked smart entrepreneurs who are quantum jumping into BEing their potent, magic future self, and create as the contribution and gift they came to be. She has created a method, to easily get you from where you are now, to live the inspiring life you are aware that is possible for you. Together we collapse time and space to actualize future realities now through energy, space, consciousness, and BEing. My question to the universe is always, “Whose keys do I have that open the doors to the secrets to their universe? Allow them to find me.” Are you one of them?

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