What to look out for in this interview:

8:27    First 2 levels of energy: repelling success
14:31  Level 3: how marketing gets it wrong in this level
19:00  Level 4: when the magic begins to happen; joy of giving
22:08  How you are stopping money and creativity to flow in
23:23  Level 5: Joy of expression
29:33  Level 6: Joy of creation: through you not from you
31:57  Level 7: Pure truth and complete non-judgement
33:33  Stacy goes deep into acceptance and non-judgment, she even shares that she was surprised she is going there
38:23  Unhustling vs husting and how to unattach.

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Stacy Hartmann mentors and coaches today’s high conscious thought leaders, and world changing entrepreneurs. Her unique methodology combines explosive business energetics with high vibe online marketing and sales strategies that helps her clients create massive wealth and impact by sharing their messages. Stacy is also the founder of the Wealthy Minimalist and a lead trainer for one of the world’s top coach training schools, the Institute for Professional Excellence in coaching.

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